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5 Yard Maintenance Tasks that You’re Going to Want a Dumpster For

Maintaining a beautifully landscaped yard can greatly increase both aesthetic appeal and value of a Milwaukee property, yet yard maintenance can generate an abundance of waste. While some tasks can be handled using regular trash bins, others require more substantial solutions – M&M Dumpster Rentals of Milwaukee & Southeastern Wisconsin provides them. Here are five yard maintenance tasks for which a dumpster will come in handy.


1. Seasonal Yard Cleanups

As the seasons change, so too do your yard’s demands. From falling leaves in autumn to debris accumulation during winter, seasonal cleanups can generate considerable waste – an M&M dumpster rental provides the ideal solution to manage this volume of material, saving time at the dump by eliminating repeated trips to haul it all away.


2. Garden Overhauls

Are you planning a full garden makeover? From taking down old planters, disposing of dead plants, and disposing of outdated decorations – complete garden makeovers can generate considerable waste materials that need to be managed effectively in order to create your perfect garden space. A dumpster rental can help make this task simpler while giving more time and attention towards creating it!


3. Tree Trimming and Removal Services

Trimming overgrown trees or completely removing them creates large quantities of bulky waste that requires transporting. M&M Dumpster Rentals has an easy solution with its range of dumpsters (13, 17 & 21 Yards) designed to contain landscape related debris.


4. Mulch and Landscape Stone Delivery Services

M&M Dumpster Rental can help enhance your yard with mulch or landscape stone for an effortless experience. In Milwaukee alone, our mulch delivery and landscape stone delivery services have become industry leaders, while we also provide dumpster rentals. After providing your chosen materials we can leave behind an empty dumpster to manage waste from your landscaping project, creating an effortless experience.


5. Major Landscaping Projects

Major landscaping projects generate considerable waste. An M&M dumpster on-site makes waste disposal simple and helps your project remain on schedule. From old concrete to soil excesses, an M&M dumpster allows for efficient waste removal that keeps everything on schedule.


Landscape Delivery & Cleanup Services in Milwaukee & Southeastern WI

M&M Dumpster Rentals makes handling yard maintenance waste easy and eco-friendly, offering dumpster rentals as well as mulch and landscape stone deliveries in Milwaukee – everything you need for efficient yard care maintenance needs! Get in touch with us now to discover how we can support your next yard project! Get a Quote.