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Clear Out Clutter for the Holidays in Milwaukee: A Dumpster Rental Guide

Before fully enjoying the festivities of the upcoming season, there’s often the daunting task of clearing away clutter that has built up during the year. A clutter-free space not only prepares your home for celebrations and gatherings, but also brings positivity into the new year!  M&M Dumpsters provides an easy and efficient solution to declutter your space this holiday season. Here’s a guide on making the most of renting a dumpster before the holiday hustle and bustle.


Plan Ahead

Before calling M&M Dumpsters, take some time to assess the size and scope of the clutter you intend to clear away. Is it only in your garage? Or does the living spaces and attic require attention as well? Knowing exactly how much junk there is will allow us to help you to select an appropriate dumpster size.


Select the Appropriate Dumpster Size

As we just mentioned, M&M Dumpsters offers various dumpster sizes to meet a range of customer needs. Here is our quick guide:

  • 13-yard dumpster: Suited for smaller projects like room decluttering.
  • 17-yard dumpsters: Appropriate for medium-sized cleanouts like basements or multiple rooms & small renovations
  • 21-yard dumpster: Ideal to accommodate larger projects, like decluttering entire houses or renovation debris removal.


Understand What Can and Can’t Be Dumped

While dumpsters provide an efficient solution to most of your clutter, not everything can go into them. Hazardous materials, electronics and specific appliances all may have disposal restrictions and fees may apply. Here’s a quick look at what’s NOT accepted in our dumpsters:

  • Car batteries & other alkaline batteries
  • Spare tires
  • Old cans of paint
  • Appliances & electronics
  • Gas cans, motor oil & propane tanks
  • Animal remains
  • Medical waste
  • Asbestos


Make the Most of Your Dumpster Space

When filling the dumpster, load it efficiently by starting with flat items before adding bulkier ones if possible and breaking any large objects down as best you can to use every available inch without overburdening yourself with waste. It’s also important to note that debris cannot go above the fill line of the dumpster.


Coordinate Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Speak to our Milwaukee area dumpster rental team about scheduling the drop-off and pick-up times that best meet your schedule. Rental periods can be customized for daily or monthly; if additional time will be needed, discuss this at least a week in advance. Being clear on your timeline ensures an efficient decluttering experience.


Safety First

To keep yourself and others safe while decluttering, always wear appropriate safety equipment such as gloves and protective footwear. Avoid throwing sharp or hazardous items directly into a dumpster as doing so could result in injuries. Instead, carefully place them before disposing of them.


Recycle and Donate

As part of decluttering, it’s also essential to be environmentally aware. Make sure to separate recyclable items from trash. Also consider donating good condition items no longer need—this gives back to the community by helping those around you while also lessening landfill loads. A win-win!


Place Your Dumpster Appropriately

Once your dumpster arrives, ensure it is placed in an easily accessible yet unobstructed spot that doesn’t impede on daily movements or interfere with those of your neighbors. M&M Dumpsters will advise you on where best to place it considering factors like safety, convenience and local Milwaukee area regulations.


Dumpster Rentals in Milwaukee, WI

The holidays should be enjoyed without feeling burdened by clutter. With M&M Dumpsters of Milwaukee, WI making decluttering easier than ever! Whether clearing out small spaces or conducting large scale cleanup efforts there’s an M&M Dumpster solution tailored just for you – get organized to declutter, and then celebrate festive seasons ahead in an environment as vibrant and cheerful as your holiday spirit!